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Periodical References to Gorey or His Work

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Secondary Works
Book Covers
Secondary Works
in Periodicals

Periodical Covers
Books about
Edward Gorey

  • A Gorey Story, New Times, March 1976
  • A Gorey Story, Oui, April 1979
  • A Pain in the Neck, New York, Sept. 1977
  • American Original, Print, signed, Jan/Feb 1988
  • Balletgorey, Dance, Jan. 1974
  • Bats, Cats, Dracula and the World of Edward Gorey, US, June 1978
  • City Ballet Fan Extraordinaire, The New York Times, Nov. 1973
  • Edward Gorey, A Bibliographical Checklist I, American Book Collector, May/June 1985
  • Edward Gorey, A Bibliographical Checklist II, American Book Collector, Nov/Dec 1985
  • Edward Gorey, An American Gothic, American Book Collector, May 1971
  • Edward Gorey, Graphis, 1973, #163
  • Edward Gorey, Graphis, undated, insert
  • Edward Gorey, Publishers Weekly, Nov. 1982
  • Edward Gorey and the Tao of Nonsense, New Yorker, Nov. 1992
  • Edward Gorey Onstage, Horizon, Nov. 1977
  • The Incredible Revenge of Edward Gorey, Esquire, June 1974
  • In Search of Edward Gorey, signed by Toledano and Weiland, PLA journal, Autumn 2006; $40
  • Interview with Gorey, The Lion and the Unicorn, Spring 1978
  • Tantalizing Turns of the Screw, New Boston Review, Winter 1975
Primary Works
Tertiary Works
Primary Works
in Periodicals
Tertiary Works
in Periodicals
Periodical References