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Edward Gorey - The Sinking

The illustrated copy is the 1964 first edition

The Sinking Spell

First edition: 1964 New York: Obolensky

Other English editions:

1968 New York Astor-Honor Paperback One of 4 volumes composing A Gorey Festival; slipcased
1975 Zurich Diogenes Paperback One of 8 volumes composing An Ominous Gatheringl; slipcased
1988 San Miguel de Allende Pequeno Paperback Miniature book (with The Curious Sofa and The Willowdale Handcar)

Foreign Language editions:

1965 Stockholm Stiftelsen Ord och Bild ord & bild No. 5 Swedish (shortened form of the story)
1978 Tokyo Hayakawa Hayakawa's Mystery Magazine #262 Japanese
1981 Zurich Diogenes Paperback
German (Sold separately and in the boxed set Die wahnsinnigen Werke)
2010 Prague Dokoran Hard Cover Czech


1972 New York Putnam Hard Cover and Paperback
Amphigorey - multiple editions q.v.