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Edward Gorey - The Wuggly

The illustrated copy is the 1963 first edition

The Wuggly Ump

First edition: 1963 Philadelphia/New York: Lippincott
Hard Cover

Other English editions:

1966 Katonah Young Readers Press Paperback
1986 New York Adama Hard Cover (no dj)
2007 San Francisco Pomegranate Hard Cover

Foreign Language editions:

1965 Uddevalla Bo Cafefors Paperback Swedish (Sold separately and as one of 3 volumes composing Giftskapet; slipcased)
1981 Zurich Diogenes Paperback
German (Sold separately and in the boxed set Die wahnsinnigen Werke)
2011 Barcelona Libros del Zorro Rojo Hard Cover Catalan


1972 New York Putnam Hard Cover and Paperback
Amphigorey - multiple editions q.v.
1973 Zurich Diogenes Hard Cover
Der zweifelhafte Gast - German edition of 10,000 copies (including paperbacks)
1973 Zurich Diogenes Paperback
Der zweifelhafte Gast - German edition of 10,000 copies (including hard covers)