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Edward Gorey - The Insect

The illustrated copy is the 1963 first edition

The Insect God

First edition: 1963 New York: Simon and Schuster
Hard Cover; no dj; One of 3 volumes composing The Vinegar Works issued in slipcase

Other English editions:

1972 Zurich Diogenes Paperback (One of 7 volumes composing The Vinegar Works; slipcased)
1986 New York Beaufort (Peter Weed) Hard Cover
1993 New York Peter Weed Hard Cover

Foreign Language editions:

1981 Zurich Diogenes Paperback German (Sold separately and in the boxed set Die wahnsinnigen Werke)
2010 Prague Dokoran Hard Cover Czech (with The Doubtful Guest, The Sinking Spell and The Gashlycrumb Tinies)
2010 Barcelona/Madrid Libros del Zorro Rojo Hard Cover (no dj) Spanish (one of 3 volumes comprising The Vinegar Works; slipcased)


1972 New York Putnam Hard Cover and Paperback
Amphigorey - multiple editions q.v.