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Edward Gorey - Leaves from a
                    Mislaid Album

The illustrated copy is from  the 1972 editon of 500

Leaves from a Mislaid Album

First edition: 1972 New York: Gotham
18 cards in illustrated portfolio tied with black ribbon
Edition of 26 signed, lettered copies

Other English editions:

1972 New York
As Above
50 copies, signed and numbered in Roman numerals
1972 New York
17 cards in printed envelope (colophon card omitted) 500 numbered copies
1978 Zurich
Diogenes Paperback One of 10 volumes composing The Fantod Works

Foreign Language editions:

1981 Zurich Diogenes Paperback
German (Sold separately and in the boxed set Die wahnsinnigen Werke)


1975 New York Putnam
Hard Cover and Paperback
Amphigorey Too - multiple editions q.v.