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Edward Gorey - The Epiplectic

The illustrated copy is the 1969 first edition

The Epiplectic Bicycle

First edition: 1969 New York: Dodd, Mead
Hard cover
Dodd, Mead printed two further editions in the same year

Other English editions:

1975 Zürich Diogenes Paperback One of 10 volumes composing The Fantod Works; slipcased
1986 New York Peter Weed
Hard Cover  
1987 New York Congdon & Weed Paperback  
1993 New York Peter Weed
Hard Cover  
1998 New York Harcourt Brace
Hard Cover  

Foreign Language editions:

1981 Zurich Diogenes Paperback
German (Sold separately and in the boxed set Die wahnsinnigen Werke)
1994 Paris Gallimard, Le Promeneur
Paperback French
2000 Tokyo Kawada Shoba Shinsha Hard Cover Japanese
2003   Errata Paperback Portuguese (with The Doubtful Guest, The Loathsome Couple, The Remembered Visit)
2005 Seoul Goldenbough Hard Cover Korean
2005 Milan Adelphi Hard Cover Italian
2005 Taiwan W & K Publishing
Hard Cover Chinese
2008 Denmark Aben Maler
Hard Cover Danish
2010 Barcelona Libros Del Zorro
Hard Cover Spanish


1983 New York Congdon & Weed
Hard Cover and Paperback
Amphigorey Also - multiple editions q.v.